Protect Non-Production Data in PeopleSoft


Malicious and inadvertent breaches occur in non-production systems as well as production

A Common IT Problem development and operations teams working in their own silos – contributes to one of the most persistent, unacknowledged data security problems in the ERP world.

Developers are focused on the application while operations keeps production systems running through their lifecycle even after the developers have moved on. The shared goal is constant, predictable, secure delivery of information to the business users.

DevOps is critical but it can fall short in protecting sensitive data, especially in non-production environments where less attention is paid to protection mechanisms while often retaining full copies of production data.

CY2, working in partnership with our GDPR driven customers in the UK and EU, has developed a lightweight application that automates in either manual or batch mode anonymization and deletion of personal data. Anonymizer drastically reduces the time consuming, repetitive and error prone processes and provides detailed activity reporting.

With Anonymizer, virtually any data can be Anonymized and certain constituent types can be excluded.

In this demo intensive session, we will show how Anonymizerworks in PeopleSoft and discuss how are clients are protecting their non-production ERP data.

3 Steps to Anonymize Your Data

Create a template

Decide how you would like to anonymize your data. Define once, use often.


Add institution specific tables
and fields to your configuration.


Run the process and your anonymization is executed.

How Anonymizer Works


Focusing on environments like test, pre-production or development.


Create and manage different anonymization setups for each environment, including customizations.

Fully integrated

Configuration can be done by regular PeopleSoft (admin) users.


  • Utilize the anonymizer on non-production data like dev, test or pre-production environments.
  • Ability to configure multiple anonymizer templates.
  • Allow customizations by adding institution specific tables or fields. 
  • Choose how to anonymize: scramble or truncate data.

INSEAD, Rijn IJsselNoorderpoort, and Skema use Anonymizer to protect customer data