Campus Solutions Revitalization

Your current state may not be your optimal state.

CY2 will recommend how to de-customize and use delivered CS functionality.  CY2’s Campus Solutions experts will inspect 3rd party bolt-ons in case functionality can be achieved with delivered CS capabilities. Our ultimate goal is to diffuse as much technical risk as possible while simplifying overall use, maximizing value and reducing costs.
PeopleSoft Revitalization Includes:
  • Campus Solutions in-depth assessment: current vs. latest release
  • 3rd party bolt-on inspection
  • User and technical communities requirements, pain points, wish lists
  • Map to PeopleSoft release and support calendar/roadmap
  • Agile project management best practices support realistic expectations and timely deliverables

Butler University is recognized for eliminating costly customizations

Butler University, in conjunction with their partner CY2, is recognized for eliminating costly customizations in favor of using delivered functionality to advance and improve the end user experience. Including the deployment of the Fluid user interface, resulting in a system rollout and start of the academic year that was smooth, and positions the university to be nimble, flexible, and rollout new capabilities over time.