Webinar: Continuing Education with INSEAD and CY2

INSEAD Offers Continuing Education with PeopleSoft and CY2 

Decreased enrollment and revenues due to the pandemic forced INSEAD, one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools, to adopt new business models and products while automating outdated manual processes.

Rather than licensing and implementing a 3rd party continuing education system, INSEAD engaged CY2, Europe’s leading PeopleSoft consultancy and solutions development company, to build out Campus Solutions to support their required changes.

In this demo intensive session, INSEAD’s IT Head of Administrative Applications – Carole Darche, and CY2’s Managing Director – Ernst La Haye, will discuss how Campus Solutions was configured to support:

  • New products such as Executive Coaching; Professor-led videos; Customized programs for companies, military and public sector organizations
  • Short-form application/enrollment process (See-Buy-Learn) vs. standard Campus Solution processes
  • Invoicing, taxation and payment matching across multiple regional tax authorities (INSEAD’s global campuses in US, Singapore, Middle East, Europe mirror US state tax collection requirements).


Carole and Ernst will discuss how INSEAD was able to use Campus Solutions to automate formerly manual entry of student onboarding data based in multiple spreadsheets as well as automate upload of student directories. And they will show how CY2’s Anonymizer software solution supports anonymization of INSEAD’s military and public sector clients’ student identities.