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ODA Booking Assistant CY2 Software

Directly Impact Student Success Outcomes

ODA Booking Assistant Student View

CY2 believes that ODA – Oracle Digital Assistant – can be leveraged as a transactional aide to eliminate friction inherent in the Student-Advisor relationship.

When coupled with CY2’s Connect student communications platform, Booking Assistant transforms how a student works with their Advisor.

CY2’s Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) based Booking Assistant solution directly impacts student success outcomes by automatically connecting at-risk students with their Advisors to proactively schedule and confirm meetings.

Integrated with Campus Solutions & Outlook/Teams/Calendar Applications

  • Extends delivered Campus Solutions and ODA skills and capabilities to notify students via SMS, Canvas, Teams (or student mobile app) that they received a low grade in a class(es) and automatically initiates an ODA-based meeting to schedule a conversation between the Student and their Advisor(s).
  • Instead of relying on the Student or Advisor to initiate action, the Booking Assistant automatically opens dialogue between the personas and presents time slots directly from the Advisor’s calendar for the Student to pick their optimal appointment
  • The Booking Assistant then places the meeting on both the Advisor’s and Student’s calendars.

Student Flow

Advisor Flow

Beyond modernizing the Student – Advisor interaction, the Booking Assistant can also be applied to any Campus Solutions driven reminder, such as to streamline the timely submission of required Financial Aid FAFSA forms

Our prebuilt templates and API integrations can be implemented quickly and easily, delivering production functionality in 2-6 weeks.

CY2 is an Oracle Higher Education partner.

Watch our Webinar to learn more about how:


  • Register timeslots in Booking assistant.
  • No timeslots? Booking assistant reminds them!



  • Use assistant in anonymous or authenticated mode.
  • Optional add extra notes to the appointment.


  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Oracle ODA integration Framework for Campus Solutions.