Alliance 2024 Sessions

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CSU San Bernardino Student Communications Platform Will Improve Graduation/Retention, Resolve Financial Aid and Enrollment Requirements

At times, institutions struggle with timely delivery of messages to students especially via email. Student communications are critical to improving graduation rates, retention rates, and resolving financial aid and enrollment requirements.

California State University San Bernardino has enhanced the current myCoyote portal messaging functionality to provide more personalized, timely and relevant information to students. Students will be assisted with staying on track and motivated by reminding them of important deadlines and tasks they need to complete. This in part will be addressed by offering an omni channel communications platform alternative to email.

Through the implementation of the CY2 Connect messaging platform from CY2, students would then be able to receive messages in applications such as SMS, myCoyote and Canvas.

In addition, through enhanced branding and message management functionality, we strive to increase the likelihood that messages are read, and action is taken by the student. Ultimately, through these personalized notifications we have another tool that can be utilized to assist students to achieve their academic goals and improve their well-being by providing them with the information and support they need to succeed.

In this demo intensive session, CSU San Bernardino and CY2 will deep dive on Connect capabilities and present how your institution can support a rapid-prototype proof-of-concept integrated with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

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Journey from AAWS to AAWS: CSUN's adoption of CY2's AAWS application system to keep all in SIS.

The Tseng College at CSU Northridge, were experiencing many bugs, for many years with our home-grown application system based on AAWS. We are using the system for more than twelve years, and we could see the fragile system held together with lot of band-aids. Every new application cycle, that needed lot of maintenance, we were growing more afraid. Every maintenance Pack was packed with uncertainty, every new program meant load of maintenance and there was no scope of any enhancements. We needed change, but any new system meant lot of resources, money and most importantly load of new business process adoption.

That is when, and big thanks to HEUG forums, we discovered CY2’s application form. From very initial meetings we realized how simpler the implementation of SIS based system will be compared to any other external web systems. For starter, we could keep our current backend admission business process, including CRM and dashboards. And also, there was no additional licensing fees. So, we made the decision and in barely ten months with zero additional resources, we are on new application system which is fast (way fast), mobile friendly, up-to-date and comes with annual maintenance.

We (Business Analyst and Admissions Lead) will share with you our legacy pains, our decision to migrate, our implementation journey and our status now.

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University of Nottinghams Agents Portal

International student recruitment is important to all Universities and most use agents to support this process. The University of Nottingham have worked with CY2 to replace our current agent portal. This portal improves the experience of our agents and gives us visibility of their influence. The portal enables application submission, update and tracking as well as the ability to respond to offers. It provides dashboards of activities and Kibana visualisations for both Agents and the University. It also ensures both applicants and agents can see the application details and progress they need.

In this session we will provide a deep dive into the above features and discuss our design and implementation approach. We will also discuss the benefits this will have for the University and Agents.