Improve Customer Service with PeopleSoft Chatbots


Users expect immediate answers, no matter when and where they send a query

Universities have trouble servicing them as quickly as needed. Emerging artificial intelligence technology, dubbed chatbots, offer help. They offload the answering of simple questions, providing users with needed information without taxing school staff. 

CY2 worked closely with Oracle's Campus Solutions team to develop academic institution chatbots

Oracle relied on CY2’s front and back office functional and technical expertise to create a robust solution.

You can watch the video or request a demo from one of our ODA experts here to see its benefits.

CY2 is the sector's most experienced chatbot development partner

Inholland University and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences both utilize chatbots to streamline their academic process. You can too.

Chatbots Lower Your Support Team's Workload

Many inquiries, password resets and tuition fees, are simple and repetitive. Chatbots offer you a great way to offload such work, so your helpdesk has more time for complex questions.


CY2 honed such expertise and developed a wide range of services, so academic institutions get these new capabilities up and running ASAP.

Rapid Deployment Services

  • ODA planning and use case development
  • Campus Solutions integration
  • Testing and Roll-out

Technical Support

  • Training
  • Use case refinement
  • Ongoing optimization based on user feedback


Customers also receive expert advisory and planning support for their use case. CY2’s training program enables your staff to understand how the solutions work, so together we put them to their best use.

Digital Assistant provides access to:

  • Financial aid (US) and payments
  • Maps and campus information
  • Faculty/Adviser support
  • Course information
  • Post-graduate course study
  • The Help desk
  • Feedback ratings from users help to further fine tune

Join Stefan van Liempt – Senior Consultant and Chatbot expert from CY2, an Oracle Partner, to hear about the implementation at The University of Amsterdam and see how chatbot Robin is able to answer a lot of college tuition questions for students.

In this session, we will look at a Campus Digital Assistant and how it can find answers by consulting different chatbots. We will have a live demo of how a Digital Assistant delegates its tasks to other chatbots to pull various data out of Campus Solutions while presenting one interface to the user. Along the way, we will share some best practices for implementing chatbots in general.