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Solutions Toolkit Session

Directory Viewer
CY2 developed this utility specifically to address the challenges faced by PeopleSoft Administrators allowing (end) users / functional and technical administrators / developers restricted access to directories on the different servers that make up a PeopleSoft architecture. The directory viewer allows users to view, download, upload, delete, zip (ideal for DMW) documents and folders using a strict and granular folder access security. 

The functionality is commonly used to:

  • Allow developers access to log files on the application server and web server for debugging errors and viewing integration logs.
  • Allow end users the ability to upload and delete files to / from specific directories that can be used as upload directories for business transactions that require external files (csv / excel / etc.).
  • Allow admins easy access for server directories while using the front-end application.


Switch User
CY2 developed this utility specifically to assist PeopleSoft Administrators when they are providing help desk assistance to students, faculty and administrative staff who call in and the help session requires the PS Admin to emulate/assume the identity of the caller in order to troubleshoot the problem. The functionality comes with audit capabilities, approval flows including the person who’s account is “taken over” and “return to my own user” functionality. 
Switch User can also be used to eliminate the sharing of batch ID’s amongst PS Admins. The PS Admin can sign-in using their OPRDEFN and then use switch user to sign in and run batch jobs as the user under which name batch jobs are configured.


Project Analyzer

CY2 developed this utility to support admins and developers while migrating PeopleSoft projects. The Project Analyzer offers front-end driven validation of the project content against a large number of checks, defined by the institution itself and / or taken from the central repository on GitHub. Checks include obsolete objects, missing objects, Code auditing, validation of content in relation to internal coding standards, etc.