Learn from our 2022 EIS Presenters

Getting Started with Kibana Analytics

Sasank Vemana – Oracle

Comunicação eficiente Conectando se aos alunos através das plataformas que eles mais utilizam

Bruno – CY2 – Spanish

University of Cape Town Registration 2022 Deep Dive

Ruhan Ferreira – RuXSys

Tracking Students at Risk using Pivot Grids

Jasper Faber and Stefan van Liempt University of Amsterdam

Close the Communication Gap Connect to Your Students on the Platforms They Use Most

Ernst La Haye – CY2

If there’s one thing consistent in communication, it’s that communication styles and preferences are always changing, and this is especially true in the higher education arena. Institutions have had to pivot to meet the needs to digital native students, even before the onset of the pandemic. Administrators and educators rely more than ever on collaboration apps like Teams and Slack. Meanwhile, Gen Z and Millennial students continue to seek platforms which allow them to interact with information, not just receive it. With students, educators and administrators juggling multiple apps for communication and collaboration, a very real risk exists for important messages to get lost in the shuffle. Now what does this mean for your PeopleSoft applications? CY2 Connect was built in order to bridge the gap between the SIS and your favorite communications apps – be it Teams, Whatsapp, Slack or something else. Just like any good relationship though, this communication isn’t a one-way street. In this presentation we’ll discuss communication trends among today’s students and faculty and demonstrate in real-time how CY2 Connect can link to various apps in a few easy steps – and how the apps can link back to Campus Solutions!

Building a Comprehensive, Multi Layer Security Strategy for Campus Solutions

Greg Wendt – Appsian

Today’s dynamic access requirements present a myriad of challenges for institutions looking to secure identity, protect sensitive data, and reduce risk in PeopleSoft. Between a combination of remote access requirements and data privacy regulations, it is clear that modern security strategies must simultaneously focus on the application, transaction, and data levels in order to be effective. But, how can you evolve and modernize your security strategy? What should you truly be focused on? Join Greg Wendt, PeopleSoft security expert and Executive Director of Security Solutions at Appsian as he breaks down today’s most pressing security challenges and provides best practices for organizations looking to ramp up their multi-layer security strategy – quickly and most effectively. In this session, you will learn: – Best practices for strengthening identity governance and integrating PeopleSoft into your enterprise-wide IAM strategy – How to implement and enforce strong controls for data loss prevention in order to prevent overexposure and exfiltration – How to implement security controls that help comply with IT security audits, GDPR, and more

How secure are your queries and reports Data masking, a good idea for your privacy requirements!

Roel Griffioen – Epicenter

Oracle has expanded its PeopleSoft functionalities in recent years with privacy tools, sequentially: * Page and Field configurator * Data Privacy Framework * Data masking for page and field configurator To this has now been added the Data Masking for PeopleTools Query functionality. This allows you to control at field level which people are allowed to see the contents of such a field. Those who are not allowed to, literally see: stars. And all that with 1 and the same query! The great thing about this is that you don’t have to configure it per query. How then? Come to this session with Roel Griffioen – Epicenter, to see what you can do with this new functionality to meet your privacy requirements in compliance with the GDPR.

How GrantsNow New kid on the block can help achieve successful applications for funding from a third

Karen Gregory

Karen Gregory who is a higher education research administration specialist with over 15 years experience of research funding systems will be covering how institutions can effectively apply for grants to fund research projects and the flexibility provided to tailor the application to their individual needs. Highlights will be around: – No more double keying of information between your Finance, HR and post award systems. – Ensuring proposals are created with all the information required and how you can add customisation to suit your institution – Full economic costing and other costing models provided with multiple cost versions allowed Flexible approval routings and how to adapt to your own needs – AI driven scanner to bring identify new funding opportunities

Ongoing investments in PeopleTools

David Bain – Oracle

Oracle continues to invest in PeopleTools as the platform for PeopleSoft applications. In this session we’ll talk about some of the new features in PeopleTools 8.59 as well as where we see investment in the future.

Must have tools for developers!

Ernst La Haye – CY2

With the CY2 Project Analyser and the Trace Wizard (built by Timothy Slater) you are sure your developments are performing well and your projects are spick and span before migrating them. Come and see demos of these 2 cool open source development tools that will support you and your organisation in delivering better end results.

Admissions Processing for Health Science in CS using EMS

Ruhan Ferreira – RuXSys

Campus Solutions, as delivered, does provide more modern functionality to facilitate admissions processing and selection through configuration, primarily. Key delivered functionality that work together for a typical admission/selection process include, for example, EMS, Rules Engine, BI Publisher, PS Query, 3C’s and Notification Framework. Admissions processing and selection for Health Science students are traditionally more complex in general, taking more criteria into consideration – and with more complex calculations. This session does a deep dive into a project at the University of the Free State (South Africa) that specifically implemented Health Science Admissions Processing, Rules and Selection using delivered functionality.

Accessibility Considerations for Visually Impaired Students in PeopleSoft

Ruhan Ferreira – RuXSys

PeopleSoft as delivered does make provisioning for accessibility functions to assist visually impaired students with using the system. This is however still subject to specific considerations in order to optimize the use of the system for this cohort. The session does a deep-dive into a recent project at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) with the goal of optimizing the usability of specific custom functionality in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions for visually impaired students specifically. This includes background of the project, details on the approach taken, lessons learned, potential pitfalls as well as details on the final project outcome achieved.

Solución definitiva para la seguridad en Campus Solutions

Alberto Gómez – CY2 – Spanish

En Campus Solutions, a nivel de usuario nos encontramos muchas opciones de seguridad con el objetivo de ser suficientemente flexibles para adaptarse a prácticamente cualquier necesidad de negocio: controles por Academic Career, Programas, Planes, Checklist Items, etc.. No obstante, este gran abanico de opciones conlleva un gran abanico de pantallas de configuración que, en algunos momentos, son difíciles de encontrar y de gestionar para los diferentes grupos de usuarios de la plataforma; porque, además de todo esto, también hay las variables de los Roles y Permission Lists. Por tanto, conociendo esta casuística se ha desarrollado una conjunto de tres herramientas para dar solución global donde: localizar todas las opciones principales de seguridad de usuarios para gestionarlas en un mismo sitio a través de lo que denominamos “Super Role”, asignar esta nueva definición a los usuarios y finalmente una herramienta para actualizarles cambios que se hayan hecho a estas entidades para replicarlas a todos los usuarios que poseian esta entidad de “Super Role”. De esta forma, se controla de forma más eficiente y precisa las opciones de seguridad de usuarios, y se simplifica la gestión en Campus Solutions.

Real Time Indexing Innovations in PeopleTools 8.59

Graham Smith – Version 1

Real Time Indexing was introduced in PeopleTools 8.59 to address a common problem with the PeopleSoft Search Framework indexes potentially being out of date as soon as they are created. In this session I’ll explore what Real Time Indexing is, how to configure it, what’s available now and what opportunities exist for exploiting this innovative feature in PeopleTools.

Testing PeopleTools with JMeter

Kyle Benson psadmin io

Testing your PeopleSoft environments seems to be a never-ending battle. More than ever customers should be looking at ways to automate testing and validation of their systems. While delivered tools like PTF are great for testing business functionality, what about the automated testing of core PeopleTools and infrastructure? What about performance and stress testing? In this session, I will be covering how you can leverage JMeter for automated testing of PeopleTools. Creating JMeter test scripts can be a quick way to test things like high system login volume, or validate that all process definition types are processing successfully in Process Scheduler. Running JMeter tests like these after system maintenance or a system refresh will reduce timelines and system issues.

Supporting Continuing Education With Campus Solutions of course, what else

Ernst LaHaye – CY2

Education is transforming! There is a high demand for flexible short courses. Wouldn’t it be great to have a module in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions where students and administrators can experience the “webshop” enrolment feeling? In this presentation we show you the CY2 Continuing Education module. A module inside of Campus Solutions facilitating speedy onboarding for students that want to enroll in a Continuing Education course or program. Hear and See how students simply shop for a course, pay them and become a life long learner in just a few clicks…

The Best Problem to Have, and how to Manage it

Paul Rhinehart Smart – Panda Tools

Is your Admissions and Recruiting office flooded with applicants? This is an excellent problem to have! But often there are serious bottlenecks that prevent serving all of those prospects and applicants in a timely fashion to keep up with the expectations of today’s customers, and in a market of increasing competition for the same students.

We will review Tips and Techniques for Streamlining Prospect and Applicant management including:

  • Self Service innovations
  • Self Report
  • Automation of Transcript Ingestion
  • Automation of Test or Transfer credit
  • Test and Transfer Preview Modeling
  • Making data work for you

The benefits of a Private Cloud for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Johan van Veen – MCX

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