Solutions Development

Don't replace your SIS

CY2’s conceives and develops solutions in partnership with our customers that modernize and revitalize the life of Campus Solutions, making it unnecessary to license a new Student Information System. (Educause. New Life for Legacy Systems. Michael Berman)

Our Customer-Driven Solutions

  • Admissions Management
  • Program Enrollment/Guided Pathways: Lone Star College – Oracle Customer Success Story
  • Continuing Education: Non-Traditional Student Management
  • Connect: Student Communications Platform
  • Anonymizer: Non-Production Data Security
  • Professor Workload Management
  • Customer Specific Solutions and Integrations

Why trust CY2?

Many consulting firms claim to have Higher Ed application development expertise. Because all we do is Campus Solutions, we see “the forest for the trees” and suggest creative solutions to persistent problems. Our work reduces costs, drives efficiencies, and increases user satisfaction among students, administration, and faculty.

With nearly 250 years combined Campus Solutions expertise, CY2’s consultants and developers provide a wide range of technical and functional services that help PeopleSoft customers derive maximum value from their Oracle investments. 

Since 2007 we have worked on hundreds of projects to implement, support, and revitalize Campus Solutions. We recently won a PeopleSoft Innovators Award for a Revitalization project at Butler university. 

Let us demonstrate what is possible at your school.