Supporting Continuing Education? Use Campus Solutions!

CY2’s Continuing Education module seamlessly combines traditional and continuing education in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions We know what you’re thinking. Campus Solutions is a great SIS for traditional types of post-secondary education, but how can I make it work for continuing ed programs? Most continuing education programs don’t require a student to have a program or […]

A Student-Centric Campus: The Time is Now

a group of 6 students walking past a sign which reads "tomorrow starts now"

How will universities continue to meet the needs of their students in a post-COVID world? And alongside that, as institutions reshape themselves, how can higher ed tech assist them?

Release of our PeopleSoft Server Directory Viewer

The PeopleSoft Directory Viewer functionality delivers front-end functionality to manage files and directories on PeopleSoft servers for end users. The functionality consists of: Setup component where administrators can define the permissions available for different directories on the PeopleSoft Servers for end users. Viewer component where end users can manage files and directories on the PeopleSoft Servers. Common […]