A Flexible, Modern Approach to Course Enrollment

Increase student success with Guided Pathways


Meet Student Expectations

Our guided pathways options provide institutions with the system flexibility needed to create individual learning paths. We support traditional sequencing as well as guided pathways where students follow their own step. 

Two Paths, Same Destination

Traditional Timeline: courses must be taken within a certain timeframe (semester; trimester; session).

Guided Pathways: students select what course to take when. They build the schedule needed for graduation themselves, fitting course availability into their very busy lives.

Traditional Journey

There is a fixed path towards a student’s degree

Guided Pathway (Lock-Step) Journey

This is a tailored path towards the same degree

Students get immediate feedback

When enrolling, students get immediate feedback whether enrollment succeeded or not.

Flexible rules can allow or restrict certain enrollments

They make sure students stay on their guided path.

Select and Enroll

The optimized fluid interface has a familiar look and feel that allows students to efficiently compose the program and tailor it to their needs.

Step 1: Select the course and the term when you like to take the course.

Step 2: Choose your class for this course and enroll.

“Student success is first and foremost our priority from a leadership perspective at Lone Star College. One of the programs I am most excited about is our Guided Programs of Study project, laddering nicely to Lone Star’s core mission of student success. By connecting the dots from academic planning to technology, this project will help our students stay on track and graduate in a timely manner.”
Link Alander
Vice Chancellor of College Services and CIO, Lone Star College