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February 2025


Den Bosch (Hybrid)


Bachelor Student





Every year, over 50 students engage with us through group assignments, internships, and side jobs (part-time positions). Our core values (Enjoy, Sharing, Knowledge) perfectly complement our collaboration with students from Fontys University. This partnership allows us to gain insights into new technologies and perspectives while also sharing our knowledge with them.

"I see myself in the company values. It’s not just about the assignments, it’s about also having fun along the way. I love that every employee gets a lot of autonomy."

Global Team

You will collaborate with a driven team of international professionals.

Networking Events

We will gather at our Den Bosch office for meet-and-greet sessions.


Interesting internships, assignments and sidejobs (part-time positions).

CY2 Mentor

A dedicated mentor from CY2 will assist you in setting clear learning objectives, regular meetings, and team collaboration.

Hybrid Working

A well-defined plan is developed for alternating between remote work and office work.


In your contract, we will outline the available benefits for discussion.

What to expect



At our company, we are proud to have such a diverse and dynamic ecosystem that leverages a wide array of tools and platforms. As an Oracle Partner we use PeopleCode as main language. But actually, our current projects span multiple technologies, including Microsoft Azure, Oracle Digital Assistant for advanced conversational AI, and Python for versatile programming needs. We also work extensively with LangChain, LCEL, and OpenAI to explore the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence. JavaScript and TypeScript are integral to our front-end and full-stack applications. This diversity not only enhances our capability to innovate but also provides our team with a rich environment to learn and grow.

Our internship and side job opportunities

Are you a student looking to gain real-world experience, enhance your skills, and earn some extra money? Our internships and side jobs provide you with valuable opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Whether you’re aiming to expand your network, apply classroom knowledge to practical situations, or simply want to explore different career paths. Dive in and discover positions that can shape your future!
Connect AI

Connect AI leverages pre-existing knowledge bases like SharePoint to deliver tailored answers to users. Do you have an interest in co-developing and exploring the exciting world of Large Language Models (LLM) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the educational sector? Join us and be part of a dynamic team pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve!

Microsoft Teams App

Be part of our UNIDATA’s Microsoft Teams app that acts as a one-stop shop for students. The app includes features such as Real-time notifications, an integrated calendar for scheduling meetings and deadlines and class enrollments. We are continuously improving the product with new features.

Front-end Design

What is a product without an appealing front-end? We are always on the lookout for students who are passionate about designing and implementing intuitive interfaces. If you have a flair for creating those front-ends, we would love to have you join our team. This is a great opportunity to apply your design skills, learn from industry professionals, and contribute to real-world projects.

You work together with our CY2 professionals, and you have the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in a company that works closely with customers you know so well: educational institutions. You might even know the education software solution we implement with our customers. Are you a motivated student who wants to contribute to our success in the educational sector? If so, we are looking for you.

Internship Opportunities

CY2 is offering an internship opportunities for 2nd to 4th-year students.

Connect AI

Centered around the Connect AI system, incorporating technologies like Microsoft Azure and Oracle Digital Assistant. The project details include:

  • Developing a module to enable administrators to configure how Connect AI handles data
  • Empowering administrators to establish their own pipelines integrating various data sources and language models
  • Focus on back-end development with existing front-end screens for pipeline configuration
  • Expected product: a pipeline module for Connect AI utilizing technologies such as Python, LangChain, LCEL, and OpenAI.

LLM Long Tail Short Tail

An innovative project focusing on the LLM Long Tail Short Tail concept, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as Microsoft Azure and Oracle Digital Assistant. As part of our internship program, here are the key action items you will be involved in:

  • Research and develop a hybrid module for Connect AI to integrate with the Oracle Digital Assistant Platform
  • Assist in implementing the long tail short tail approach, addressing frequently answered questions, previously generated helpful responses by Connect AI, and all other inquiries
  • Collaborate with the team on potential deliverables such as the Hybrid Module for Connect AI
  • Gain hands-on experience with tools and technologies including Microsoft Azure, Oracle Digital Assistant, Python, LangChain, and OpenAI.

Our cooperation with Fontys Hogeschool

CY2 collaborates closely with Fontys Hogeschool and other companies within the InnovationLab. Here’s the backstory:

The Fontys ICT InnovationLab is a hybrid learning environment in the heart of the Brainport region, that serves as a unique hub in the Brainport region, bringing together education, research, and industry. That makes the Fontys ICT InnovationLab the one-stop-shop for organizations exploring the possibilities of digitalization, emerging technologies, and impactful solutions to pressing social challenges.

Together, we cultivate an environment that fosters co-creation and cooperation on applied research questions form the catalyst for meaningful innovation in and with IT that makes a lasting impact on our society. Together, we are shaping the future.

We strongly believe that this partnership benefits both the students and CY2 by fostering a dynamic and enriching collaboration.

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Questions and Answers

The culture in our company is open and informal, and everyone can really be themselves. We work as an international team, and we “Enjoy-Sharing-Knowledge”. We are dedicated but also like to have fun.

Our students work at home, at school and at our office in Den Bosch.  

You can apply by simply clicking on Apply Now or sending your email with motivation and cv to [email protected].

As for our jobs, also for students the right fit is based on attitude and personality, as much as it is on experience and skills. We realise that you have to develop yourself in both ways. Your drive to develop yourself is important to your success with us. 

You can expect a reaction within one week. It depends on your request what the procedure will be. Since there is always a lot of interest, we take our job as a mentor for students seriously and we are a small company, there is a risk that we don’t have a possibility. 

If you are interested in working with CY2 after your internship or graduation, please contact your mentor. Together, we can explore whether we have possibilities for you.

Ready to join an international team who do an exceptional job and have fun doing it?