Release of our PeopleSoft Server Directory Viewer

The PeopleSoft Directory Viewer functionality delivers front-end functionality to manage files and directories on PeopleSoft servers for end users. The functionality consists of: Setup component where administrators can define the permissions available for different directories on the PeopleSoft Servers for end users. Viewer component where end users can manage files and directories on the PeopleSoft Servers. Common […]

Integrating your Learning Management System with SAIP! (Part II)

Hi again! In part I of this topic, we described how to configure SAIP. Now that we have the configuration done, we will explain how to configure SoapUI to test our SAIP services against it. And we will finally trigger some messages! As a summary, we will learn how to: configure SoapUI, run some Snapshots -batch integration- […]

Testing is important, and PeopleSoft Test Framework can help

Testing, it should be an (if not the most) important part of your upgrade and maintenance projects. In earlier days, when upgrades where done roughly once every three years (or more) testing outside of the big upgrades could be kept to a minimum. With PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) and 9.0 / PeopleTools releases 8.54 and […]